The Ontario SPCA has an open investigation at this location alongside Norfolk County OPP. Ongoing action is being taken to help these animals. The Society would like to reassure the public that we have been out to visit the animals several times and have addressed any concerns reported. 

We recognize the pictures shared on social media of the horses are concerning. The horses involved are sick and have been under ongoing veterinary care. Whenever we have visited the property to address concerns brought forward, the owners have always worked well with us to ensure the animals are getting the care they require. The horses have always had food, water and shelter available to them when we have visited the property.  

Police have attended today and we are working together, with the owners and a veterinarian, to ensure the animals on the property continue to receive the necessary care. These animals are being treated and are receiving care. 

We want to remind the public that images on social media do not share the full story. When an animal is undergoing veterinary treatment, providing alternate food could cause further harm to the animal. If you have a concern for an animal, please report it to the Ontario SPCA or your local police and allow us to follow up accordingly as we will continue to do. 

We thank everyone for their concern for these animals and we will provide regular updates as to their ongoing care.