The following horses are available for adoption:


Bonded Horses George & Eclaire

Eclaire, Thoroughbred mare
Eclaire is approximately 19 years old, Thoroughbred mare that used to work on the track. She can be ridden, but for pleasure only. She is approximately 17 hands high.


George is approximately 19 years old as well, he’s a Dutch Warm Blood gelding and is broke to ride, however he can only be ridden of flat ground due to some nerve damage in his back (where the saddle goes). He is about 15 hands high.

For more information on George and Eclair, please contact Ontario SPCA Regional Inspector Green at 



For more information on any of the horses below, please contact Ontario SPCA Agent Smith at See our horse adoption link for more details as well.

All horses are located in Southwestern Ontario in the London area.

To adopt a horse, please fill out an adoption application. From there an inspection of your farm will be conducted and you will be invited to meet the horse you’re interested in. An adoption fee of $200-$700 typically applies when adopting large animals.

When a horse is adopted it will no longer be listed on our page. Thank you for your interest!



‘Shadow’ is a senior Quarterhorse gelding who has been there and done that but is enjoying retirement on the foster farm. Though he has gained significant weight in our care, he is still in need of a few pounds. He’s a lovely boy and has stolen the hearts of all his friends on the foster farm. He’s a great companion looking to live out his retirement somewhere calm and safe.


’Red’ is a sorrel mare with a large white spot on her face and a white snip as well as two white socks. Her right eye is blue. This mare keeps to herself in the paddock. It would be very beneficial to have her adopted with the other sorrel miniature mare but is not required as long as she has a companion in her forever home. This mare was slightly sore on the hind end when she came into our care but appears to be doing fine after a hoof trim. She is a bit shy but is not difficult to handle and can be quite curious.


‘Beau’ is a bay thoroughbred gelding with a white star. Beau was very weak when he came to us and has since gained some strength. Unfortunately Beau has developed a bad habbit and is a cribber. His foster farm says he doesn’t crib anymore since wearing a “miracle collar” which is a specialized collar on the horses neck. We don’t know Beau’s age as his tattoo is worn off. He’s a very sweet boy and we have been told he is broke to ride, however no guarantees.


Bay Thoroughbred Mare
Bay Thoroughbred mare, white stripe and two white socks. She is 13 years old if we traced her tattoo correctly. Farrier says her soles are under run but with proper and regular trimming to raise the angles of her hooves she should be fine. She is a bit dominate in her current herd. Likely broke to ride though no guarantees and would have been out of work for some time. She appears sound and is a nice mover.


Bay Quarter Horse Mare
Bay quarter horse mare, only about 15 hh, white blaze and three white socks. Likely around or under 10 years old. Has had an abscess in her front right. It’s dried up and is healing well but will require proper farrier care like any horse and regular hoof cleaning. This horse is a bit timid and shy but is able to be handled and is quickly gaining trust. She may be herd bound. Does not appear to have any formal training on the ground but is quite respectful on a lead line. She will stop when her handler stops and wait.


“Bud” is an approximately 4 year old black and white paint gelding. Handsome as can be! He was only recently gelded but is adjusting well. When “Bud” came into our care he had not had much handling and was quite difficult to work with. Our foster farm has been working diligently to gain Bud’s trust and they’ve been successful. “Bud”  is walked in and out of the barn daily with no issues, he is even getting better with the farrier. “Bud” appears to have condition called “side bone” but it does not seem to cause any abnormal hoof growth or lameness. There is a bump on his coronet band area. With proper farrier care, this should not cause an issue. He has lovely conformation and is eager to learn!



“Angel”– 3 year old approx. 15hh paint mare. Angel has not had much handling and came to us with a pretty severe wound on her nose which has healed up nicely but she does have a scar. She is now in a small herd of horses and is doing well. Angel appears sound and healthy.  She is very social and is always the first to come over when you come to the paddock, however she is a little too friendly and will need training and a lot of handling. She hasn’t yet grasped the idea of personal space but she’s learning!